Higher Education Institutions

Oulu South Centre for Higher Education Institutions

A cooperation network of education, research and development

OEK – Oulu South Centre for Higher Education Institutions is a cooperation network, which convenes the education, research and development activity located in the region. In the activity are involved vocational education organizers, universities of applied sciences (polytechnics), summer university and Oulu Southern Institute, a regional unit of the University of Oulu, located in Nivala.

The centre for higher education institutions develops the activity of the education, research and development environments and constructs for several fields of activity a common infrastructure of persons, premises and research operating in the universities, universities of applied sciences (polytechnics) and second-level educational establishments.


Steering group of the centre for higher education institutions:

Aini Ojala, Department Director, University of Applied Sciences (Polytechnic) in Oulu region

Ville Isoherranen, Director, Oulu Southern Institute

Hannu Leppälä, Unit Director, Centria University of Applied Sciences (Polytechnic)

Jukka Lehtosaari, Chief Education Officer, Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia

Heikki Yli-Olli, Federation Director, JEDU Federation of Education in the Jokilaaksot area

Heikki Yli-Olli, yhtymäjohtaja, Jokilaaksojen koulutuskuntayhtymä JEDU