Major Projects of Near Future

Major Projects of Near Future

Fennovoima Nuclear Power Plant

In the Ylivieska unit's area of influence is starting a construction project, the impact of which on the region is significant. Fennovoima, a Finnish nuclear power company, has made the decision to locate its nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki municipality, which is located about 60 km from the town of Ylivieska. In the construction phase the nuclear power plant increases the need for construction professionals at least among the following construction works:

  • roads, seaport, piers, electricity grids
  • reactor, turbine and other related buildings
  • office premises
  • living quarters for approximately 1000 people

Additionally, at the stage of construction is needed real estate, catering, accommodation and transport services as well as personnel in security and administration. When completed, the nuclear power plant needs competent personnel i.a. in the tasks as follows:

Electricity and energy technology professionals

  • power plant operation
  • echnical design

Process and mechanical engineering professionals

  • maintenance

Other professionals

  • personnel administration, communications, financial administration


Underground particle physics research laboratory in Pyhäjärvi

In the town of Pyhäjärvi, located about 90 km from the town of Ylivieska, is with high

probability starting an underground particle physics research laboratory. In the international review Pyhäjärvi has qualified among the two most potential sites. The location of the laboratory will be decided in 2014. A regional impact statement has been made about the project's influence on the region. In accordance with regional impact statement, the effect of construction on employment in the region is about 1600-2500 man-years. Estimated in the amount of euro, the extent of the project in the construction phase is approximately 280-340 million euro. At the stage of construction the project in employing at least in branches of industry as follows:

  • concrete industry
  • service and maintenance
  • chemical industry
  • mechanical engineering and metal industry
  • transport and logistics
  • qarrying and rock engineering
  • construction industry, design industry
  • consultation and development work
  • electrical and electronics industry
  • building services engineering
  • information technology
  • research activity

When completed, the research laboratory is employing during 30 years at the minimum, regularly and directly about 50 persons and indirectly 100-250 persons. By estimation, the research centre will bring about an annual increase of 6000-9000 accommodation days in the region. The amount of international users of the research facilities will be approximately 250-400. The project's international character poses language requirements for the services in the region. When completed, the project increases remarkably need for grocery markets, child day care, basic education and training services as well as accommodation services.