Areas of economic activity

Areas of economic activity in the Oulu South Region

Industry and commerce in the region

In the Oulu South region is operating close to 4 600 enterprises in total. Measured both by the personnel and the turnover, enterprises in the Oulu South region are smaller-sized than on the average compared with the nationwide level. Business activity of the regional enterprises is often entrepreneur-minded. Small-sized enterprises located in the area are flexible and capable to adapt.

In accordance with the report on Oulu South region company image the enterprise structure in the Oulu South subregions appears to be very similar. Subregional variation of personnel, turnover and industry groups in the enterprises is minor. At the municipality level variations occur more often.

Main industrial lines of activities in 2010

Among the largest concentrations in the region are thin plate technology, steel construction, a quite comprehensive cluster of construction operation (sawmills, house factories, interior panels, windows, furniture), agricultural machinery manufacturing, as well as several significant enterprises in special production business. Among the largest enterprises are for instance several regional units of Rautaruukki SSAB steel construction, YIT Industrial Oyj Plc construction services, Scanfil EMS Oy Ltd. electronics manufacturing services, Mecanova Oy Ltd. mechanical products manufacture, Kannustalo Oy Ltd. prefabricated houses, Pyhännän Rakennustuote Oy Ltd. prefabricated houses (Jukkatalo brand), PRT-Wood Oy Ltd. construction materials, Nivaelement Oy Ltd. prefabricated houses (Design-Talot brand), Tiivituote Oy Ltd. windows and doors, Osuuskauppa KPO retail trade (Prisma hypermarket), K-Citymarket Oy Ltd. retail trade and J. Kärkkäinen Oy Ltd retail trade.

One of the Oulu South region most important lines of business is the wood products industry comprising sawmill industry, prefabricated wooden house industry, construction carpentry

industry and furniture industry. A significant amount of kitchen furniture and joinery products in Finland are produced in the Oulu South region. Plus, the share of prefabricated wooden house industry and sawn goods manufacture is significant. Ylivieska unit of the CENTRIA University of applied sciences (polytechnic) in Central Ostrobothnia, is the northernmost in Finland education in wood technology providing university of applied sciences (polytechnic) that more widely serves for specialist needs in the wood products industry of entire Central and Northern Ostrobothnia. In the Central and Northern Ostrobothnian areas are produced 32 per cent of wooden houses in Finland, 18 per cent of other construction joinery products and 11 per cent of furniture. Most significant fields of wood products industry in the Oulu South region are described in the table below.


Over the past years, development of trade in the town of Ylivieska has been exceptionally strong and the development seems to be continuing also in the near future. Ylivieska operates at present as a commercial centre for 100 000 inhabitants in the region. In the region relatively many retail trade stores are located, such as stores specialized in car, home furnishing, hardware and agricultural trades. For part of department store trade and specialized trade, Ylivieska has grown even to a larger centre than the town of Kokkola. This development is further supported by Prisma hyper market, opened in Ylivieska in 2011. Positive developments have occurred in the Ylivieska region also for part of services.